Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, December 31, 2012

First Christmas in the Mission Field - 12/31/2012

Dashing through the sand,
With a bomb strapped to my back.
I have a nasty plan,
For Christmas in Iraq!!!

Hahahah!  Hope ya'll was diggin' the Achmed the Dead Terrorist reference there.  Well I have to say, this was probably one of the craziest holidays EVER!  And believe me, in the Huff family there are some pretty ridiculous holidays!  To start off, our enjoyable Christmas started out at 6:30 am.  Elder Hafoka, Elder Galvez and I went outside and ran wind sprints for thirty minutes.  It was pretty cool!  Then we exchanged gifts.  Elder Hafoka gave me a boss tie AND and lava lava!  You better believe I wear the tar out of that thing.  We went to a district meeting for an hour and played sports for a couple of hours.  Then we went to missionary paradise….THE HANSEN'S!  They literally force feed you until the food has created an impenetrable wall at the back of your throat.  Then, once you think you are completely stuffed, they bring out dessert and they make you try everything!  Missionary life is hilarious!

Now for the miracle of the week.  We went and saw Brother Sinigaglia on Saturday.  We went inside and sat down and Elder Hafoka and I were just talking to him.  As we were talking, the spirit began to flood the room. It just got stronger and stronger.  We were discussing the Priesthood, because he will be receiving it soon, and he just understands everything.  As I look back and think, more and more I realize that I did absolutely nothing with this man.  That is when it hit me!  I am not here to do anything.  I am here to be a vessel for the Lord to work through.  That's the only reason we are here.  Now, I want to bring up the power of the Holy Ghost and the genuine and unique way that it works through missionaries.  I know that once we are baptized we qualify for the companionship of the Holy Ghost BUT, the key word is qualify.  It is only through obedience that we are able to use the gift.  At first I hated the feeling that I did absolutely nothing, but as I pondered it more and more, I realized how special that was.  The Spirit converted him, not me.  If I had converted him he would have been a horrible member.  The Spirit is what changes lives and truly converts people and brings them to Christ.  So, for all of the perspective missionaries who read this, remember to live worthy of the gift you have received or will be receiving soon.  Everything about your mission is based on your worthiness of the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Well, gotta get back to my redneck, Spanish Fark accent here.  So in the words of my Grandpa, "How high is up?  True or false?"

Hope everyone is now confused beyond belief cuz that was Grandpa's favorite love, confusin' people!  Love you guys!

Elder Rodeback

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 17, 2012 - Manhattan Temple Trip

Toko ko fe ho su?

Tongan for "Where are your shoes?

What's up my friends and family.  Here is the shortest letter ever!
First off, I apologize if I spell stuff wrong.  The chapel is FREEZING and I can hardly feel my fingers!  I really wish that it would snow out here.  I heard that there is hardcore amounts of snow in Utah.  Yalls be so lucky!   Well, this week was crazy!  We finally had the opportunity to hit up the temple!  We went to the Manhattan Temple last Thursday and it was the best day of my mission!  The temple is just so rejuvenating.  We spent a little bit of time in Time Square.  New York is crazy!  We also met a Mormon.org star!  It was super cool!  On Saturday we were able to do some service for a guy that has received two Emmys for Special Effects.  His basement was flooded and had moldy water that smelled like rotten eggs.  I almost threw up but it was still cool.  We had another baptism on Sunday and it was amazing.  I am so happy for Kevin and his family.  I have become very close to them and I love them a lot.  This is a great beginning for them.  I'm still serving with Elder Hafoka and he is a stud!  We do good work together and have become good friends.  We are only doing service once a week now.  I hope you all have a great Christmas and remember why we celebrate.  I get to talk to my fam in a week! 

Gotta jet!  Lots to do!

Elder Rodeback

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

Hey guys!  Once again, Elder Rodeback shooting out another short, badly written update! 
Well I hope everyone out west is LOVING THE SNOW!  I have absolutely none to love and I am slightly bummed.  We have been working crazy hard this past week but it has been a fun packed week.  Between taking 10 minute power naps in a WalMart parking lot, to changing from our service (Mormon Helping Hands) clothes  into proselytizing clothes behind a Kmart where we were hidden from everyone!  Funny story, it took us 30 minutes to start one load of laundry in the dryer today because we kept forgetting something.  Whether it was quarters or dryer sheets or even not having enough quarters.  We have way too much fun but somehow we still work hard.  I suppose that is what a mission should be.  Working hard, but because you love what you are doing so much, it is fun!
Again, with some serious stuff.  I want to talk about miracles and obedience.  First off, I want to talk about why in the world we have commandments.  The reality is, because Heavenly Father wanted to have a reason to bless us.  By doing what he asks us to do, we receive blessings, even miracles!  I have gained such a strong testimony of how obedience brings miracles to our lives and by simply doing what we are asked to do, we not only are happier, but we are often blessed with miracles.  The power of the atonement and its changing quality is amazing.  I look back and have come to realize how important it is to rely on Heavenly Father in everything we do.  The strength that we have, the talents and gifts that we are given, everything we have, He has given to us so that each of our lives can be different.  And because we are all different, the only person we can rely on is Heavenly Father.  He gives us weakness to that we can be humble and learn to become strong.  Just like the scripture in Ether tells us.  I love being here and I LOVE that I am changing into the person Heavenly Father wants and expects me to become.
I love you guys!
Elder Patrick Rodeback

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Apparently, Brother Dayley & Chris call me a tool ALL THE TIME.  So, from here on out, I am gonna refer to myself as Elder Tool ……just kidding J  I'm sorry, it slipped! 
HaHa que  pasa my amigos J
Another week, another fantastically horrific, grammar error filled update!!!  Here we go!
This past week was como un jefe!  I spent the entire time laughing and trying to keep my companion awake while we drive.  It is crazy hilarious because I will ask him a question and he will answer it and end his sentence by snoring.  I will look over at him and he is out, like a light.  Elder Hafoka and I have way too much fun together.  I need someone to send me some water balloons because we have some crazy plans in store.  So, if any of you are interested in participating in a hilarious practical joke, please send me some. J  On a more serious note, Elder Hafoka and I got A LOT of work done this week.  We did service and managed to teach as well.  We have one baptism coming up in a few weeks.  His name is Kevin.  I am so excited for him!  He has been seeing the missionaries for over a year and he wouldn't accept a baptism date.  But, because my companion is such a boss, he accepted one and is going to be baptized in two weeks hopefully.  His wife and two step-daughters are less active members and they are becoming active again.  The biggest goal that we have is to get them to the Temple to have their family sealed.  They are such a cute family and the girls really have a desire for good.
Now, for the funny story of the week.  So, at the beginning of the week Elder Hafoka and I were asked to give a blessing to a woman.  We agreed without knowing the exact address.  After driving around for twenty minutes and listening to Elder Hafoka laugh at me for singing Primary songs every time I became frustrated, we finally got there and were able to give her a blessing.

I am so grateful to have Elder Hafoka for a companion.  Not because he has a weight set or because he is teaching to speak Tongan or even because he is a stellar ukulele player.  It's because he is teaching me how to be a humble person.  Since coming out here, I have realized how important it really is to change while you are here.  There is an MTC talk that Elder Holland gave about leaving your nets.  I know that he gave it in Conference but he gave it in the MTC first and that is where I heard it and it is slightly different.  It gets me each time because in the talk he says that once we come out here, we are not meant to return to our old lives.  Because of that talk, I have made it a goal to return a different person.  I know I promised a lot of people that I wouldn't change, but that was before I had truly experienced the healing power of the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know my redeemer lives and it's only through his grace and mercy that we are able to live for eternity.  I know that the Lord needs me to change.  He has someone he needs me to become and who I was/am, just doesn't cover it.  Once we have taken upon ourselves that commission to baptize from Jesus Christ, we CANNOT return to what we were before.

I love you guys!  Stay strong!
Elder Patrick Rodeback

Monday, November 26, 2012

First Thanksgiving in the Mission Field

Hey foo, where are your shoes?

What's up friends and me familia?  Another week, another ridiculously vague and short blog update from Elder Rodeback.  I am sorry people….all I do is service so I don't know what I can update you with except the fact that I am still in the Eatontown South area with a new companion!  If you didn't get the update from last week, his name is Elder Hafoka and he is STRAIGHT OUTTA TONGA!!!  He is a total stud and quite frankly, he is my favorite companion that I have had.  He is like 6' 2" and is RIPPED OUT OF HIS MIND.  Luckily, he has a huge weight set and we workout hardcore every day.  Believe me when I say, you have never worked out hard until you have worked out with a Tongan!  We work really well together except we lose track of time and run late to some things.  Anyway, I do have a hilarious story for everyone.
So, on Thanksgiving we had three dinner appointments and you all know how it is, and everyone makes the exact same excuse, "It's Thanksgiving!  I'm suppose to eat as much as humanly possible."  Then later you whine and moan about how you shouldn't have eaten so much food because your stomach is about to rip in half.  Well, Elder Wells, Elder Galvez, Elder Hafoka and I got to our first dinner appointment and I kid you not, there was enough food to feed Africa sitting on the table in front of us.  Elder Hafoka and I looked at each other a just smiled, we knew how much food we were gonna eat.  So, after the blessing on the food, we began to eat.  Unfortunately, we completely forgot that we still had two other appointments.  Elder Hafoka and I filled our plates not once, but twice.  Immediately after eating we realized that we still had two more appointments.  Even after that realization, we still ate dessert.  After dessert we left and all the way from the front door to our car, we were jumping up and down trying to pack down the food we had just pounded.  Luckily, we didn't have to eat at our next appointment.  We did however have to eat at the last one and I honestly wanted to puke my brains out by the time we made it home.  I also had a food baby for another four days! 
I hope you were entertained by my dumb little story and I hope everyone is doing good out there!  Service is what we are about right now.  There's lots to do and many people to help.  Hopefully we can make a good impression on someone so that when we start tracting again we will have many to teach.

Peace from the East!
Elder Patrick Rodeback

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 21, 2012

Yo, Peeps of the West!  How's it goin' out there?

HaHa!  What's going on people?  It's been so crazy out here!  I am so sorry I haven't been able to get an update to you for so long.  I haven't had a solid "P-day" in like three weeks.  I didn't even get a "P-day" last week.  We do service all day, every day, it's crazy!  Special shout out to a super close friend of mine, Miss Shannon Blackham!  Shan, I am super sorry I haven't written back yet.  Monday I am going to make time to write back to you.

 Well people the only thing that has really changed is that we wake up and go straight to service.  It is super ridiculous, but there are a lot of people who need our help.  We do have a baptism date on December 16th.  His name is Kevin and he is so stinkin' ready it's not even funny.

 Also, I have a new companion and I am stoked to say, he is straight out of Tonga!  His name is Elder Hafoka and he is huge!!  Pictures are included this time.  Alright guys, peace out.  Love you all and I will get a solid email out soon.
Elder Rodeback

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy!

Monday, November 5, 2012
Today after the Hurricane Sandy, our apartment is still without heat or power.  Last week I took a cold shower every stinking day.  To be honest, I felt like a real man toughing it out and living with what I had and doing what I had to do to get the work done effectively.  As of Saturday me, Elder Jester, Elder Wells, Elder Galvez, Elder Gittins and Elder Archibald have been staying at the Red Bank Elder's apartment.  Side note, the Red Bank Elders are Elder Daybell and Elder Mull.  We have been staying there because they have heat and power.  I am kind of nervous because we are suppose to get hit with another storm today or tomorrow and it is supposed to be below freezing temperatures and 75% of our ward are still without heat or power.  This storm has been devastating.  People's lives have been absolutely ruined.
We actually have been doing loads and loads of service.  I have been in jeans and a t-shirt for a week now.  Secretly, I am thoroughly enjoying being in casual clothes.  Sadly my shoes (Vans) got ruined.  We went and visited with the Sinagaglia's who are my favorite people here.  They have no power and no heat and have a 3 month old baby.  The first time we saw them they were ok and were able to keep the baby warm.  We gave them what food and water we had and I also gave them all of the cash that I had.  They literally had nothing.  It was horrible.  We made sure that they were good and went on our way.  We returned to check on them on Saturday and things had gone bad and the baby ended up getting sick.  They needed to get out but couldn't take their animals with them.  We made a decision to be slightly disobedient and we told them we would go over and feed the cat and dog while they were gone so that they could get the baby to warmth.  They are now in Perth Amboy at a family member's home.  Please my family and friends, keep the people out here in your prayers.  They really need them.
On a funnier note, I found out today that Jen Swindler's aunt and uncle live in the ward I am now serving in.  What a small world!!
We're working hard and helping out the best we can.  It's hard work but I love making a difference for someone else.  Keep us in your prayers.
Elder Rodeback
This is a picture of what washed up on the beach after the storm in Long Branch, NJ.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Transferred to Eatontown South Area!

Whoa People, are you still there?  Haha, it's been fo eva since I have sent you an update!  I hope everyone out there is lovin life?  I am just gonna jump into the update "let's a go!"

Monday, 10/15/2012
Today was my first "Pday" in the Eatontown South Area and I had a solid day!  I went to Pac Sun to buy more winter stuff.  It is already starting to get cold here.  Just in case yals were wondering, I am still the same person and all my winter stuff came from Zumiez and PacSun.  After shopping Elder Whittby and I went and took pictures in a photo booth.  Haha we had a blast!

Tuesday, 10/16/2012
Today we did the usual Tuesday activities of District Meeting.  I went on exchanges with Elder Daybell.  He is a super solid missionary!  Super obedient and super diligent and the best part, he is a human being.  He isn't one of those missionaries that is super judgmental and looks at you like you are an apostate if you act like yourself.  We had a good day!

Wednesday, 10/17/2012
Today we had kind of a rough day.  We had to get our car fixed and we had to sit in Pep Boys for four hours waiting for it.  One of the members took us to Olive Garden Which was pretty good and that made our day a little better.

Thursday, 10/18/2012
Today we had Zone Conference.  I had a meeting with President Jeppson so we didn't get home until 7pm.  But we still managed to pull two lessons out of no where.

Friday, 10/19/2012
Today we did service and then I got super sick so we did splits for a couple of hours.  I still managed to find my purpose in being sick!  I got a super disobedient missionary that I am friends with, to promise to strive to be more obedient.

Saturday, 10/20/2012
We taught four lessons today!  Elder Jester and I just power housed stuff!  I also had the opportunity to give Sister Johnson a Priesthood blessing and it just so happened to be the day that I promised to work harder.  I can honestly say, without a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father took over that blessing and just told me the words to say.

Sunday, 10/21/2012
I was able to give another Priesthood blessing and it was just as awesome as it was yesterday.  We then did our weekly planning and it is definitely not as cool.  Haha!

Well there go have it!  Hope you enjoyed and I hope to hear from yals soon!  I haven't received any letters in fo eva! 

Elder Rodeback

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Alright people of the West Side.  It's Elder Rodeback up in this breezy once again. J  I'm gonna throw y'all a curve ball.  I am starting it with questions from my Momma.  From here on out, email my mom any questions you have about the mission and I will answer them.  She sent four questions to me and they are:

1.  Did Junior get baptized?  Unfortunately he did not, the punk. J  He had to bail on church two weeks ago because he was sick.  As a result, we have to wait until the 14th of October which stinks super bad because he is so ready, it's not even funny.  It's annoying that he has to wait.

2.  Who are we teaching now?  Well, we are teaching Eric & Lateiffa, Kevin (he finally has a baptism date), Gensuca, Junior, the Bordes family, Pilar, Carline, Jennifer, and some less active members.

3.  What is the Branch like that we are serving in? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!  Let's just use this for an example, yesterday we almost didn't have any of the Branch Presidency at church.  We have about 50 or 60 members and 40 to 45 are less active.  We usually have about 15 people that attend church.  It's absolutely brilliant! NOT!
4.  How long will I be in Elizabeth?  Well, the end of my second transfer is this coming Sunday.  I could possibly leave next week but I will most likely be here through one more transfer.  My companion, Elder Heward will leave next week.

Yeah, I like doing this because then I know what people want to hear about instead of blabbing on and on about things that no one cares about.  Haha!  I love you guys!  That's it for now.  I will give you a solid update next week. 
Peace from the East
Elder Rodeback

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week NINE in New Jersey!

I am Samuel the Lamanite,
I fight for what is right.
I will prophecy of the coming of the Lord.
…excerpt from a song that we listen to every day.
What's up people from the West Side?  Letter from whoa, WEEK NINE!  I have been in Jersey for nine weeks!  That's nuts!  So, let's hop onto this update.

Monday, 9/17/12
Typical "Pday".  We went to BJ's for shopping.  I bought some new ties and we ate lunch at Pizza Hut buffet.  We finally found Alex again.  I was so stoked to see him and talk to him again, after four weeks.

Tuesday, 9/18/12
Today, at District Meeting we did a personal accountability with the Lord.  Man, was that a spiritual experience!  I have done that twice now and every time I do, I cry.  Don't judge me.  We were also able to have Junior come to Sister Castro's house and have dinner with us.  He gave a better explanation of why we make covenants than I could ever dream of giving….He is SO prepared.

Wednesday, 9/19/12
Today was a smack in the face.  Alex's dad told us not to come back anymore.  It makes me sad when the ignorance of some people gets in the way of other people doing what's right.  I know with all my heart that someday Alex will be baptized.  Then I made Gensuka (an 11 year old girl that we teach) cry.  I told her that we were here to strengthen her relationship with Heavenly Father so that when we leave she can rely on him and not missionaries.  Then she said, "You are gonna leave?"  I said, "Yes, Elder Heward goes back to Utah in four months and in two years I will do the same thing, then she cried.  On the bright side, we gave Elizabeth a blessing.

Thursday 9/20/12
All of our appointments juked!  LAME!

Friday 9/21/12
Today, President Jeppson came by and talked to us.  Then we did exchanges and I was able to go with Elder Christensen (I was looking  forward to that cuz me and Elder Christensen are pretty good friends) we taught Gensuka the greatest plan of salvation lesson ever!  Just when we thought we couldn't do better….We taught the greatest restoration lesson ever, to Kevin!

Saturday 9/22/12
Today was nuts!  We had Zone breakfast and training.  That lasted until noon and then we taught Junior the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity.  It was pretty good.  At first he was reluctant to commit to it,  but then he did and I was so happy to see him do that!  We met Jesus (hey suess, not Jee sus)  He was a media referral for us but we decided to let the other elders teach him because we thought he would understand better in Spanish.  I got soup all over my shirt and my brand new penguin tie and I was super unhappy about that!

Sunday 9/24/12
We went to church but Elder Heward was sick so we came home. ;(

That was our week, hope you enjoyed.
Peace from the East!
Elder Rodeback

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Holla!  From the East Side!  HaHa!  What's up people of the West Coast??  So, today instead of doing the typical update, I wanna bear my testimony to the people reading this.
Not a whole lot happened last week because we had district meeting.  I had to go to leadership training which is in East Brunswick.  That is an hour south.  It started at 8am and ended at 4pm and to top it off I had to pick up Elder Estipona who is in Newark.  So, we woke up at 4am on Wednesday and Thursday and didn't get home until 7pm both nights.  It kinda stunk.  We also did a deep clean of our apartment on Saturday which took all day.  Even though we didn't teach as much as I would have liked to, I know that because I attended those meetings and did the things that were asked of me, Heavenly Father will bless me.  Wanna know how I know that?  Well, Friday we got a media referral and on Sunday (last night) we contacted him.  He is now getting baptized on October 21st!  He accepted everything we taught him.  We taught him about how the authority to baptize was taken from the earth and that we had received it once again through John the Baptist.  He said to us, "So, it's really like I was never baptized at all!"  We even talked to him about the Book of Mormon and the Bible, about how they teach the exact same thing.  Then he said, "If you believe the Bible, you would be dumb not to read and believe the Book of Mormon, they say the same thing."  I know that because of the faith and work that Elder Heward and I have been doing, the Lord blessed and blessed us with the opportunity to teach one of the sacred, elect people who have been truly prepared to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know God loves and listens to every single one of our prayers.  He is the light and the life of the world and in Him and in our Savior, we are strong.  We can do anything.  I know the love of Christ is all encompassing.  I know that when we cry, the Lord is there holding us and crying with us.  I know that my Savior, my hero, my brother lives and guides every one of us.  I know without a doubt in my mind that the reason we are here is because Heavenly Father loves us so much.  So much, that he is willing to let us come here and grow so that we can be just like him some day.

I love you all and while I miss all of yo' ugly faces, it's nowhere near enough to bring me home.  Please be safe and do everything you can to always remember our Brother and our Father.
Keep the thug passion alive!  West side all day!
With much love,
Elder Patrick Garret Rodeback

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

"Early in the mornin' I rise up from my bed,
Get down on my knees and pray that im not dead.
Got to find the reason, the reason I'm still here.
Got to find the reason that the Lord needs me today."
Missionary remix of Sublime's ,  "What I got!"

Haha, What's rockin' people of the West Coast!  Last week was a hard week for me, won't lie.  But it ended in miracles!  So, let's act like a frog and jump in!

Wenesday, 9/5/11
So, today was a slow day.  I will share a crazy awesome experience and a NASTY one!  During my personal study, I really wanted to continue my BOM reading but we were teaching Junior that day and we really wanted him to progress.  I prayed with everything I had that I would be able to do both.  I prayed that in my personal reading I would find what I needed to be able to help Junior.  And, I did!  Because I allowed myself to be a tool in the Father's hand, I was able to put together the dream lesson for Junior from my personal reading.  Unfortunately, he juked our appointment.  We did however move Angel's couch that had been peed on  countless times by two dogs and it was dripping with urine. I kid you not peeps……. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thursday 9/6/11
We did weekly planning and Elder Heward and I, again by the direction of the Spirit, concocted the perfected dream lesson for Junior.  He juked our appointment once again.  Along with that, it was the worst walking day humanity has ever experienced!

Friday 9/7/11
Today we had a sit down lesson with Elizabeth and it went pretty well.  She is super nice and said she is gonna be baptized, she just has to get better first!

Saturday 9/8/11
We played some solid sports with Lyns (Laventures cousin) and it rained like crazy.  After sports Elder Heward and I were sprinting through this rain and I stomped in this puddle that soaked both of my legs from hips to toes!  It was magnificent!  We taught Kevin today and he is finally coming around again.  He had struggled when his buddy died but it is lookin' a lot better now.  Hopefully he keeps pushing through.  Junior juked appointments today and yesterday. L

Sunday 9/9/11
It was a typical Sunday.  Did our studies and again we prepped to teach Junior and also taught a lesson at church.  We even taught Marlon (a less active member).  Later we went to Junior's apartment complex and……..HIS CAR WAS HOME!  Elder Heward and I looked at each other, said a prayer, and sprinted up the stairs.  We had a member with us and we sat down and began the dream lesson with a prayer and a hymn, "The Spirit of God".  The lesson was amazing and to top everything off…..HE COMMITTED TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!  He asked if he could be baptized in two weeks?  Just so he could be 110% ready.  We told him that he could be baptized in three weeks.  We asked him if he would prepared to be baptized on the 30th and before Elder Heward could finish the sentence, with excitement in his eyes, he said YES!  Not Yeah, or OK, but YES!  All he taked about after that was how excited he was and how it just sounded right.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  I know that, without a doubt in my heart!  I know that as we put everything in the Lord's hands, nothing will go wrong.  Faith in Christ makes anything possible.  As Sister Miller says, "Faith casteth out ALL fear."

I love you guys!  Thanks for tuning in on the bright and wonderful day!  Hope all y'alls out there are keepin' things as thugged up as you can!  Westside all day! ;)  Be safe my friends and watch out for each other.  Remember if you avoid doing hard things, great things will avoid you.  I love you all!

Elder Rodeback

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012

Yo, my peeps what up? Another day, another update from Elder Ricky Ricky Rodeback.  Haha, hope life is holdin' up solid for all yalls out ther'.  I have finally been sleeping so that is a SUPER PLUS.  I forgot
my  journal today, so I will just give a brief over view of my week.

Monday, August 27 - Sunday, September 3, 2012
Today we did the usual "P" day stuff.  Elder Montes bought a Sentinal Prime Transformer which was cool!  We also went to Union City and was able to see …….New York City!  That was pretty slick!  I barely had enough time to write letters and I didn't get to send the one to my mom so I was super bummed about that.  Good day though.

As for the rest of the week, truthfully without my journal it is really hard to tell you what happened on each day.  Let that be a lesson to everyone…..write in a journal!  The reason I remember the events on "P" day is because it stands out from the rest of the week.  I'm just gonna summarize my week and hopefully that will be good enough for you.  If not…..TOUGH NUGGETS!!!!  HAHA!
So, last week we went to teach Alex and when we got to his door, some guy drove past and said, "He won't be back for two weeks, he is in Newark with his mom."  So Elder Heward and I were like, "Alright, let's go know on his basement door just in case he is in the basement and this guy is a nut."  So, we did.  As it turned  out the guy was Alex's dad and he got mad.  I just played it off as "We didn't recognize you!"  We taught Kevin and then he juked us.  We finally taught Carline again.  She has been working hard even though we haven't seen her in three weeks…..lame.  Well, that's all I can remember at this point…..I know, how lame of me.  I will repent and it will all be fine.  I know that this Gospel is true.  I know that through Christ, all things are possible.  The most taught principle in the scriptures is "Ask and ye shall receive."  I know that my Redeemer lives and all that we have to do to know that and feel his love is to ask. 
Keep strong peeps.  Remember you future missionaries…..Called to serve, here to Love!
Peace from the Hood,
Elder Rodeback

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rikarika Rodeback???? Who is that???? - August 27, 2012

People of Amedica, I present to you! THUG LIFE - By  Elder Rikarika Rodeback!
Ahhhahaha! What's up people? Another week and another update! Sorry I didn't get one out last week.  Sadly, the library internet was down all day last week so I had to go up north to Maple Wood and had just enough time to write my momma. Just for an update I hadn't been sleeping at all for a week so I went to the doctor and he said that it was most likely caused from racing thoughts caused by ADD (I told you mom). So he prescribed Aderral form me  and I got home and decided I would leave it in the Lords hands.  No medication or nothing. That stuff is way too scary for me. Welllp let's get to the week shall we?  Oh yeah let's do this thang!!

Monday 8/20/12
Today we did the usual "P" day stuff.  We got up at six did laundry, studies at seven but at eight we did a switch-up.  We went Transformer hunting FIRST!  We went to Toys R Us and it was a joke so we went to WalMart and, OH YEAH I bought an Iron Hide!  Then we went to the library and then did a Zone volleyball tourney.  We had a BLAST!  The only part that was the pits was, I hadn't slept since Thursday and I was nasty sick ALL DAY!

Tuesday 8/21/12
We had a lesson with Alex who is a killar investigator! He is sixteen and guess what we have in common….We both Adore MMA!  We had a super solid lesson with him though and I am absolutely positive that he will be baptized this next transfer! (thats all I can write because I ran out of time to write in my journal on Tuesday)

Wednesday 8/22/12
Today was sweet. I went on exchanges with Elder Montes. He and I get along so well. He is my District Leader and he lives in the same apt. as me.  We taught Teresita who was baptized the Sunday before and she is the sweetest lady. The funny thing though is for some reason Elder Montes only baptizes old people haha. Then we taught John who has been investigating the church for a while and it was a good lesson.  Luckily all the people we taught today spoke English so I was able to participate. After John we got juked on an appointment with Carlitos so we went and saw Cesar who is bi polar and special in other ways he was cool.

Thursday 8/23/12
Today, was kind of a joke. Super irritating! We had TAC (Transfer Apartment Cleaning) then we had weekly planning.  After that we did service so we didn't do any proselytizing til 7:15 :( super stunk but I felt good for helping Sister Alvarez. I knew that we had helped someone feel Christ's love.

Friday 8/24/12
Today we taught Alex again. He is such a stellar kid! He understands everything but  he just isn't sure if this is the right path for him. I am pretty sure if we work really hard, we can help him to see that to be able to return to Heavenly Father someday and truly come unto Christ, he needs to step through the gate of baptism. Baptism is not the end it is merely the beginning of the long trek back.

Saturday 8/25/12
Yeah I totally spaced writing in my journal today!  Whoops! L

Sunday 8/26/12
Today, was the end of the first transfer...wait what? Where in the world has the time gone??? I can't believe that I have already been in Jersey for six weeks, that blows my mind! Elder Heward has been called to be District Leader today.  I'm pumped for him! He is gonna be a killa district leader!  We taught Doris today who we met on saturday and she commited to prepare to be baptized on the 30th of September!

Wellp my peeps,  that's some of the high lights of my week :) I know that this gospel changes lives and  that people truly come to Christ through repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. I know that miracles come from having undying faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I love this gospel more than I love anything in the world and I know that people are prepared to hear the gospel from me. Heavenly Father needs me here and  there is not one other place I would rather be. I love you all!  Until next week,  remember "Called to Serve.  Here to love!"
Peace from the East.
Elder Rodeback

Monday, August 13, 2012

My First Baptism! - August 13, 2012

Hey, guess what time it is? Yeah you guessed it! Yours, mine and our favorite time of the week!  IT'S FREAKIN UPDATE TIME!!!!!!!!!! What's up people of the kushie Alpine, haha!  It's been an awesome week since the last time we talked and a lot of cool stuff has happened!  So let's do this thang!  By duh way... I was emailing Elder Richard (Peper) and he said,  "You sound black, I think Jersey is already diggin in it's roots."
HAHA!  I love that kid to death!!!

"P" day is seriously awesome!  Being able to talk to my momma for an hour or so is awesome!  I straight up miss her like CRAZZZYYYY! We went Transformer hunting.  Back up to before we left the apartment to goTransformer hunting.  We always say a prayer as an apartmentship before we head out together.  It was my turn to pray and yeah you guessed it,  I straight up asked Heavenly Father that "As we go out on our hunt we can find our prey that they might be killed and brought back to the den."   Guess what happened?  I FOUND THE TWO I WANTED!!!!!!!  Yeah, I found my Star Scream and my Sideswipe!  I was so pumped Heavenly Father even double blessed me in letting me find a Mike Aitken signature flick trix at the toy store and it came with a Mike action figure. Did I buy it? Obviously, I'm not dumb enough to pass up that kind of a blessing! When I'm blessed I take it and RUN. We also started an exchange with the zone leaders.

I ran the area fo da first time eva!! We taught Carline and had a killer lesson with her! Elder Taylor is a stellar missionary.

Today was specialized training for the new elders and their trainers (sisters are also included in that).  I was so pumped to get to see some of the MTC buds again. Me and Elder Thompson met up and we are still tight.  We joked and laughed and had a killer time.  Me and Elder Call are still buds too.  We taught Nombes but sadly Pierra had to drop us.  :(  Her parents who are in Africa said they didn't want her to talk to us anymore.  Luckily we had a killer lesson wit the Beldores (less actives) and they committed to come to  church. Whooop!

Today was walking day.  Such a drag... we walked around for six hours, it was so fetching humid and HOT!  I got heat exhausted so we had to give elders Christensen and Montes a call to come and pick up. As soon as they did we went and got food.  I ate healthy while they got Wendy's.  HAHA fatties,  but as soon as we walked into Wendy's a torrential down pour smacked the city in the face. It was seriously like an instant flood. Stuff was over flowin' people were wiggin' out it was HILARIOUS!!!  The rain out here is so pretty!  We had the opportunity to teach Eric today. The lesson was stellar,  he really wants to do what Heavenly Father wants for him to do.

Today, wasn't as eventful as Thursday except we had a solid lesson with the Martinez family (part-member and less active family).  Joe is not a member but his wife is,  she is just less active. We were gonna teach the atonement and then I had a super solid impression to ask him if he had ever had the missionary lessons before, and why not. And bam it was like an instant break through.  We switched and taught the restoration and he was very receptive he even committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

Today, was much needed.  We had meetings with the mission president, President Jeppson, and it helped me truly understand some things.  I can with 100% confidence say that he is called of God.  We had a sweet lesson with a new investigator tonight. His name is Frets.  His wife is a member and he hasn't had the lessons yet so obviously we jumped all over dat.  He is 100% prepared by God.  He had so many questions and the Gospel answered all of them he even committed to be baptized!

Today, was my first baptism!  I had the opportunity to help Laventure begin his journey to Christ and the kingdom of God.  I am so excited for him!  He was about to jump out of his skin after it was over!  My entire  view of missionary work has been changed because of that one moment in time.

Today, we woke up at six so we could hit the laundry mat by seven, begin studies at eight, and hit the library at ten (sorry it took so long to write dis momma) I even got to see a picture of two of my closest buds.  Cody and Kevin.  I really miss you guys!  Hope life at home is treatin' you well and Cody, have an awesome time at the MTC!  I absolutely loved the MTC.  Just be who you are and shake things up!!! Also ask my mom to show you the MTC angry birds video.  haha if you play it on "P" day you will have a blast!!!!! I love you two knuckle heads be good!

Wellp, there it is. Update of da week suuuu whaaaaaa! haha I love all yals out there readin'  dis. I love this Gospel and I love seeing the happiness it brings people.  By the way there's a few people I wanna yell at through this email.  The people who said they were gonna write me... I am very disappointed to have not received anything as of yet.  You are breakin' commandments when you don't write missionaries. Look it up in proverbs 25:25.  Yeah das was up... my address is:

Elder Patrick Rodeback
859 Cross Street
Elizabeth, NJ  07201

I better get something dis week from all you punks (especially
my little sister) Hahaha
Peace and anarchy!
Elder Rodeback