Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, November 26, 2012

First Thanksgiving in the Mission Field

Hey foo, where are your shoes?

What's up friends and me familia?  Another week, another ridiculously vague and short blog update from Elder Rodeback.  I am sorry people….all I do is service so I don't know what I can update you with except the fact that I am still in the Eatontown South area with a new companion!  If you didn't get the update from last week, his name is Elder Hafoka and he is STRAIGHT OUTTA TONGA!!!  He is a total stud and quite frankly, he is my favorite companion that I have had.  He is like 6' 2" and is RIPPED OUT OF HIS MIND.  Luckily, he has a huge weight set and we workout hardcore every day.  Believe me when I say, you have never worked out hard until you have worked out with a Tongan!  We work really well together except we lose track of time and run late to some things.  Anyway, I do have a hilarious story for everyone.
So, on Thanksgiving we had three dinner appointments and you all know how it is, and everyone makes the exact same excuse, "It's Thanksgiving!  I'm suppose to eat as much as humanly possible."  Then later you whine and moan about how you shouldn't have eaten so much food because your stomach is about to rip in half.  Well, Elder Wells, Elder Galvez, Elder Hafoka and I got to our first dinner appointment and I kid you not, there was enough food to feed Africa sitting on the table in front of us.  Elder Hafoka and I looked at each other a just smiled, we knew how much food we were gonna eat.  So, after the blessing on the food, we began to eat.  Unfortunately, we completely forgot that we still had two other appointments.  Elder Hafoka and I filled our plates not once, but twice.  Immediately after eating we realized that we still had two more appointments.  Even after that realization, we still ate dessert.  After dessert we left and all the way from the front door to our car, we were jumping up and down trying to pack down the food we had just pounded.  Luckily, we didn't have to eat at our next appointment.  We did however have to eat at the last one and I honestly wanted to puke my brains out by the time we made it home.  I also had a food baby for another four days! 
I hope you were entertained by my dumb little story and I hope everyone is doing good out there!  Service is what we are about right now.  There's lots to do and many people to help.  Hopefully we can make a good impression on someone so that when we start tracting again we will have many to teach.

Peace from the East!
Elder Patrick Rodeback

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