Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week NINE in New Jersey!

I am Samuel the Lamanite,
I fight for what is right.
I will prophecy of the coming of the Lord.
…excerpt from a song that we listen to every day.
What's up people from the West Side?  Letter from whoa, WEEK NINE!  I have been in Jersey for nine weeks!  That's nuts!  So, let's hop onto this update.

Monday, 9/17/12
Typical "Pday".  We went to BJ's for shopping.  I bought some new ties and we ate lunch at Pizza Hut buffet.  We finally found Alex again.  I was so stoked to see him and talk to him again, after four weeks.

Tuesday, 9/18/12
Today, at District Meeting we did a personal accountability with the Lord.  Man, was that a spiritual experience!  I have done that twice now and every time I do, I cry.  Don't judge me.  We were also able to have Junior come to Sister Castro's house and have dinner with us.  He gave a better explanation of why we make covenants than I could ever dream of giving….He is SO prepared.

Wednesday, 9/19/12
Today was a smack in the face.  Alex's dad told us not to come back anymore.  It makes me sad when the ignorance of some people gets in the way of other people doing what's right.  I know with all my heart that someday Alex will be baptized.  Then I made Gensuka (an 11 year old girl that we teach) cry.  I told her that we were here to strengthen her relationship with Heavenly Father so that when we leave she can rely on him and not missionaries.  Then she said, "You are gonna leave?"  I said, "Yes, Elder Heward goes back to Utah in four months and in two years I will do the same thing, then she cried.  On the bright side, we gave Elizabeth a blessing.

Thursday 9/20/12
All of our appointments juked!  LAME!

Friday 9/21/12
Today, President Jeppson came by and talked to us.  Then we did exchanges and I was able to go with Elder Christensen (I was looking  forward to that cuz me and Elder Christensen are pretty good friends) we taught Gensuka the greatest plan of salvation lesson ever!  Just when we thought we couldn't do better….We taught the greatest restoration lesson ever, to Kevin!

Saturday 9/22/12
Today was nuts!  We had Zone breakfast and training.  That lasted until noon and then we taught Junior the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity.  It was pretty good.  At first he was reluctant to commit to it,  but then he did and I was so happy to see him do that!  We met Jesus (hey suess, not Jee sus)  He was a media referral for us but we decided to let the other elders teach him because we thought he would understand better in Spanish.  I got soup all over my shirt and my brand new penguin tie and I was super unhappy about that!

Sunday 9/24/12
We went to church but Elder Heward was sick so we came home. ;(

That was our week, hope you enjoyed.
Peace from the East!
Elder Rodeback

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