Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Apparently, Brother Dayley & Chris call me a tool ALL THE TIME.  So, from here on out, I am gonna refer to myself as Elder Tool ……just kidding J  I'm sorry, it slipped! 
HaHa que  pasa my amigos J
Another week, another fantastically horrific, grammar error filled update!!!  Here we go!
This past week was como un jefe!  I spent the entire time laughing and trying to keep my companion awake while we drive.  It is crazy hilarious because I will ask him a question and he will answer it and end his sentence by snoring.  I will look over at him and he is out, like a light.  Elder Hafoka and I have way too much fun together.  I need someone to send me some water balloons because we have some crazy plans in store.  So, if any of you are interested in participating in a hilarious practical joke, please send me some. J  On a more serious note, Elder Hafoka and I got A LOT of work done this week.  We did service and managed to teach as well.  We have one baptism coming up in a few weeks.  His name is Kevin.  I am so excited for him!  He has been seeing the missionaries for over a year and he wouldn't accept a baptism date.  But, because my companion is such a boss, he accepted one and is going to be baptized in two weeks hopefully.  His wife and two step-daughters are less active members and they are becoming active again.  The biggest goal that we have is to get them to the Temple to have their family sealed.  They are such a cute family and the girls really have a desire for good.
Now, for the funny story of the week.  So, at the beginning of the week Elder Hafoka and I were asked to give a blessing to a woman.  We agreed without knowing the exact address.  After driving around for twenty minutes and listening to Elder Hafoka laugh at me for singing Primary songs every time I became frustrated, we finally got there and were able to give her a blessing.

I am so grateful to have Elder Hafoka for a companion.  Not because he has a weight set or because he is teaching to speak Tongan or even because he is a stellar ukulele player.  It's because he is teaching me how to be a humble person.  Since coming out here, I have realized how important it really is to change while you are here.  There is an MTC talk that Elder Holland gave about leaving your nets.  I know that he gave it in Conference but he gave it in the MTC first and that is where I heard it and it is slightly different.  It gets me each time because in the talk he says that once we come out here, we are not meant to return to our old lives.  Because of that talk, I have made it a goal to return a different person.  I know I promised a lot of people that I wouldn't change, but that was before I had truly experienced the healing power of the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know my redeemer lives and it's only through his grace and mercy that we are able to live for eternity.  I know that the Lord needs me to change.  He has someone he needs me to become and who I was/am, just doesn't cover it.  Once we have taken upon ourselves that commission to baptize from Jesus Christ, we CANNOT return to what we were before.

I love you guys!  Stay strong!
Elder Patrick Rodeback

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