Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

"Early in the mornin' I rise up from my bed,
Get down on my knees and pray that im not dead.
Got to find the reason, the reason I'm still here.
Got to find the reason that the Lord needs me today."
Missionary remix of Sublime's ,  "What I got!"

Haha, What's rockin' people of the West Coast!  Last week was a hard week for me, won't lie.  But it ended in miracles!  So, let's act like a frog and jump in!

Wenesday, 9/5/11
So, today was a slow day.  I will share a crazy awesome experience and a NASTY one!  During my personal study, I really wanted to continue my BOM reading but we were teaching Junior that day and we really wanted him to progress.  I prayed with everything I had that I would be able to do both.  I prayed that in my personal reading I would find what I needed to be able to help Junior.  And, I did!  Because I allowed myself to be a tool in the Father's hand, I was able to put together the dream lesson for Junior from my personal reading.  Unfortunately, he juked our appointment.  We did however move Angel's couch that had been peed on  countless times by two dogs and it was dripping with urine. I kid you not peeps……. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thursday 9/6/11
We did weekly planning and Elder Heward and I, again by the direction of the Spirit, concocted the perfected dream lesson for Junior.  He juked our appointment once again.  Along with that, it was the worst walking day humanity has ever experienced!

Friday 9/7/11
Today we had a sit down lesson with Elizabeth and it went pretty well.  She is super nice and said she is gonna be baptized, she just has to get better first!

Saturday 9/8/11
We played some solid sports with Lyns (Laventures cousin) and it rained like crazy.  After sports Elder Heward and I were sprinting through this rain and I stomped in this puddle that soaked both of my legs from hips to toes!  It was magnificent!  We taught Kevin today and he is finally coming around again.  He had struggled when his buddy died but it is lookin' a lot better now.  Hopefully he keeps pushing through.  Junior juked appointments today and yesterday. L

Sunday 9/9/11
It was a typical Sunday.  Did our studies and again we prepped to teach Junior and also taught a lesson at church.  We even taught Marlon (a less active member).  Later we went to Junior's apartment complex and……..HIS CAR WAS HOME!  Elder Heward and I looked at each other, said a prayer, and sprinted up the stairs.  We had a member with us and we sat down and began the dream lesson with a prayer and a hymn, "The Spirit of God".  The lesson was amazing and to top everything off…..HE COMMITTED TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!  He asked if he could be baptized in two weeks?  Just so he could be 110% ready.  We told him that he could be baptized in three weeks.  We asked him if he would prepared to be baptized on the 30th and before Elder Heward could finish the sentence, with excitement in his eyes, he said YES!  Not Yeah, or OK, but YES!  All he taked about after that was how excited he was and how it just sounded right.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  I know that, without a doubt in my heart!  I know that as we put everything in the Lord's hands, nothing will go wrong.  Faith in Christ makes anything possible.  As Sister Miller says, "Faith casteth out ALL fear."

I love you guys!  Thanks for tuning in on the bright and wonderful day!  Hope all y'alls out there are keepin' things as thugged up as you can!  Westside all day! ;)  Be safe my friends and watch out for each other.  Remember if you avoid doing hard things, great things will avoid you.  I love you all!

Elder Rodeback

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