Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012

Yo, my peeps what up? Another day, another update from Elder Ricky Ricky Rodeback.  Haha, hope life is holdin' up solid for all yalls out ther'.  I have finally been sleeping so that is a SUPER PLUS.  I forgot
my  journal today, so I will just give a brief over view of my week.

Monday, August 27 - Sunday, September 3, 2012
Today we did the usual "P" day stuff.  Elder Montes bought a Sentinal Prime Transformer which was cool!  We also went to Union City and was able to see …….New York City!  That was pretty slick!  I barely had enough time to write letters and I didn't get to send the one to my mom so I was super bummed about that.  Good day though.

As for the rest of the week, truthfully without my journal it is really hard to tell you what happened on each day.  Let that be a lesson to everyone…..write in a journal!  The reason I remember the events on "P" day is because it stands out from the rest of the week.  I'm just gonna summarize my week and hopefully that will be good enough for you.  If not…..TOUGH NUGGETS!!!!  HAHA!
So, last week we went to teach Alex and when we got to his door, some guy drove past and said, "He won't be back for two weeks, he is in Newark with his mom."  So Elder Heward and I were like, "Alright, let's go know on his basement door just in case he is in the basement and this guy is a nut."  So, we did.  As it turned  out the guy was Alex's dad and he got mad.  I just played it off as "We didn't recognize you!"  We taught Kevin and then he juked us.  We finally taught Carline again.  She has been working hard even though we haven't seen her in three weeks…..lame.  Well, that's all I can remember at this point…..I know, how lame of me.  I will repent and it will all be fine.  I know that this Gospel is true.  I know that through Christ, all things are possible.  The most taught principle in the scriptures is "Ask and ye shall receive."  I know that my Redeemer lives and all that we have to do to know that and feel his love is to ask. 
Keep strong peeps.  Remember you future missionaries…..Called to serve, here to Love!
Peace from the Hood,
Elder Rodeback

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