Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013

Well, Sup?

It's been a pretty bomb week this week.  So much has been going on I can't believe it has already been almost four months since I came to Hightstown!  It doesn't even feel that long!  I don't even really know what to say this week haha.  I always talk about stuff that I have learned.  I just wanna say how important the tender mercies of the Spririt are to me.  Those subtle promptings that make all of the difference.  I know that God lives and that He is looking out for us.  I know that if we search him out, we can find him and we can come closer to him and his love.  There is nothing more peaceful to me than knowing that God loves me.  There is no greater feeling to me than to be able to look back and know, without a doubt, that I have been forgiven for EVERYTHING.  I know that Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but he is also the Redeemer of every single one of us.  I love him. I wanna be like him.  I don't wanna do dumb stuff anymore.  The Gospel has impacted and changed everything about my life and will continue to do it FOREVER!

I love you guys! Keep livin' the dream!
Elder Rodeback

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Sup Guys?

Man last week was NUTS!  There was so many different things goin on, it was crazy!  There was Transfer Conference and District meeting and more training.  Man, it was just all over the place.  Elder Vellinga and I have been working hard, doing the best we can to be our absolute best.  I can't even describe how much my mission means to me.  My mission has been  one of the most sacred experiences that I have ever had!  There is nowhere I would rather be.  Not in Utah, not in Hawaii, NO WHERE BUT HERE!  Serving the Lord and doing the things that He needs me to do.  Not a whole lot of stuff to report on this week.  Just been living the dream.  I have been studying the New Testament a lot lately and to be able to see and understand more and more every day, the matchless power and authority of Jesus Christ, blows my mind every time I read it!  Man, I was reading today in Mathew 22 and the parables that Jesus uses to teach the Pharisees is just the bomb!  He throws down on authority and how they are sinners, I LOVE IT!

I love you guys.  I know that this is short, I'm sorry.
Elder Rodeback

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

How's Things?
Hope y'all be living the dream out in Utah!!  I can't even tell you how much I love being a missionary!  It is literally the BEST thing EVER!  Elder Vellinga and I have been workin' hard!  I can't believe that transfers are here again!  On the bright side, Elder Vellinga and I have yet another transfer to work together!  BOOOOM!  He is becoming one of my best friends.  We just laugh and joke all the day long!  It's awesome because he is just like me and doesn't take garbage from anyone.  Every day, this area grows and grows on me.
Elder Vellinga and I had the opportunity to be part of the most spiritual baptism of my mission this past weekend.  Tyler was baptized!  Tyler is an autistic boy that we have been teaching.  He is the son of a fully active family and they decided that they wanted him to be baptized and that they wanted us to teach him.  The Spirit that was felt at his baptism was one that I have never experienced before.  It was so powerful and overwhelming.  I just cannot begin to describe it.  I can honestly say that Tyler and his family will forever be a part of my family.  They are literally the BOMB!
Well, I hope all of you are living the life of the disciples out in Utah. :)  Don't ever think that changing for God is bad.  Although the change may be hard and something you don't think you can do, with the strength of the Lord all things are possible.  Don't let anyone come in between your relationship with God.  It is absolutely the most important relationship that we will EVER have.  I love you guys!  Keep warm out there!

Elder Rodeback

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Well, now that I have watched the Bible videos for a little bit, I can write my little update guy!

Man it has been super awesome out here other than the humidity.  We ended up having an Indian Summer this year, unlike all y'all out in Utah.  Conference brought an explosion of answers to questions that I have been hunting for.  I thought it was awesome how they threw DOWN on the law of chastity!  Elder Vellinga and I had been talking about how dumb people are for treating that so carelessly and thinking it is nothing.  Well, judging from how conference turned out I hope that everyone can tell that, IT IS A BIG DEAL!!!!  Elder Vellinga and I have been working hard and we have a blast doin' it! We are both super sarcastic and just kinda dumb, so we just FEED off of each other.  Hightstown is the best!  Our area is MASSIVE!  Just to give you an idea, our mileage limit on our car is 1,750 miles, if that tells you anything!  Well, my Friends I just gotta say that I know without a doubt in my mind that this church is true.  I know that if you go to General Conference with specific questions, you WILL get answers.  That is why we listen to these inspired men!  Not just to listen.  They have been called and given permission to teach us what we need to do in order to receive salvation.  THEY ARE INSPIRED!!!!  I mean, look at how many people in the world are breaking one of the most important commandments God has ever given us.  Then BAM, throw down in conference on how our entire purpose on earth is to have a FAMILY! God knows what we are struggling with.  He knows how to fix it.  I know that is the truth and if you do everything you can to seek his guidance AND are willing to act on the answer He give you, I know that he will answer you.  You ave to have the faith to accept a "no" answer sometimes as well.  Sometimes that is what is gonna come your way.  I know that if we are willing to do whatever Heavenly Father asks us, then we will be blessed and our life will change.  "seek ye first the kingdom of God."  Luke 12
I know that He loves all of us!
Elder Rodeback