Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Friends, family, and people that are only reading this because my mom probably posts it all over Facebook.  Come hither and hear the preaching that shall slither forth and probably create many disputations amongst my brethren.
How's life today guys?  Hope everyone is loving the weather as much as my mom (which isn't a whole lot).  It's been a super crazy week this week!  We got a lot done though.  Despite the fact that Elder Stimpson and I have both had the flu.  (Yay flu)  I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders last week and that was super fun.  Elder Jellen (one of the Zone Leaders) and I went about creating haveck among the Spanish people of Newark.  It was really funny because the team up we had kept saying things to me in Spanish because I am a Spanish Missionary….wait a second, no I'm NOT!  Because I lived with Spanish missionaries my entire mission, I understand it but, don’t know grammar well enough to respond, so I just kinda nodded my head to whatever he said! 
Elder Stimpson and I were able to see a less active member named Archie yesterday.  Now, Archie is a crazy among crazies and I love him!  We are pretty sure he was in the mob back in the day  but not now because he is 77 years old.  But anyway, we went over last night and he told us how he had been in a whole lot of pain the other day so he did what is dad used to do.  Drink til you can walk through a wall!  He said when he got home the wind was blowing so hard it picked him up like 6" off the ground and threw him down.  When he picked himself up and went to go inside he fell down his stairs (he lives in a basement) and right on to the floor.  When we walked outside he showed us where the "wind picked him up" and it was right next to where the stairs start.  Elder Stimpson and I are pretty sure that because he had been drinking,  he just missed the stairs and fell 3 feet to the ground.  Luckily he didn't break anything but he had a bunch of scrapes. :P
On a more spiritual note, we unlocked the mystery to the dinosaurs.  If you will all turn with me to Genesis, ha ha just kidding.  I'm gonna wait to reveal that until after I get home. J
I wanted to talk about hope and faith a little bit.  I have been continuing my humility study this week and I have been in the Jesus chapters of the Book of Mormon.  Man, I will tell you what, never before have I learned so much.  Especially in ch 15-19.  It's all about being righteous and the Sacrament.  But if you look deeper into it, you realize how humble Jesus Christ really was.  Even after he died it talked about how his purpose was still to do the will of the Father.  A really good friend of mind had an awesome experience with being humble to the subtle promptings of our Father.  I know with all of my heart that humility is central to EVERYTHING!  If we are not humble God tells us that we will be left to handle things on our own.  There is a quote that missionaries love, and to sum it up it says, "When we let obedience become our goal in life, the Lord God will endow us with power from on high."  Obedience is the one way to do everything with the Spirit and we cannot be obedient if we are not humble.
I love you guys and hope you have a fantastic week.  I gotta bounce!

Peace be in thine souls, for God is always with you!
Elder Patrick Rodeback

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 22, 2013 - Newark SICK!

Because I have been sick with the flu for the past week, I was banned from the streets of Newark and instructed to stay inside.  It's been a long week with nothing to update so I decided to send some pictures to update my blog.  Go ahead, laugh.................. It has been about 23 degrees here in Newark but with the humidity, it feel like -23.  No wonder I got sick!
                                                                 Onsie PJ's for Christmas
                                                                      I love the Lava Lava Elder Hafoka gave me!

                                                                     There's alot of black & white going on in that closet!

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013 - In NEWARK!

Well my friends another week,  another letter and a bit of bad news.  First off, Malo mau tau he pongipongini.  That is Tongan for good morning.  I am really sad to say that I was transferred last week.  I left my favorite companion and my favorite area in my mission.  I am now in the North Newark walking area.  JACKPOT!  Walkin' the streets of Newark, day in and day out haha!  I am super bummed to have left.  Elder Hafoka is like my best friend out here and he literally changed my mission.  I was able to say goodbye to Brother Sinigaglia.  I was supremely bummed.  I laid in bed that night and was just heart broken.  I do know that Heavenly Father has a work for me here in North Newark, so let's get it done.

This week there is two things that I really want to talk about.  The power of prayer and the power of faith.  I had a very eye opening realization with prayers this week.  It hit me like a ton of bricks and you are all going to think I'm dumb for saying this, but EVERY PRAYER IS HEARD!  When I realized this, it about knocked me down.  Every single prayer we have said, from the time we can talk til the day that we die, is heard.  On top of that EVERY PRAYER IS ANSWERED.  Sometimes, unfortunately, the answer is no or not what we want.  Why?  Because  "Your thoughts are not my thoughts.  Even as the heavens are higher than the earth.  My thoughts are higher than your thoughts."  The answer is, because Heavenly Father knows best.  If we go forth in faith in all things, then the lord will provide and protect.  No matter what happens, the Lord will prevail and will put you through the same trial til you come out on top, because that is what he wants for us.  In Romans 8:35-39 it shows the love of God for his children.  I found this the other day and that is when it all hit me that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always there.  We are the one that leave them.  We lose faith and we stop praying.  They don't force anything on us, BUT if we ask them if it is right, it will be given to us.
Well, I have blabbed on long enough.  I love you guys!!!!  My new address is:

Elder Patrick Rodeback
41 Halleck
Newark, NJ  07104

Also, shouts for Haley, Paige and Kimbo slice, for getting married!  Yeeeeeehaaaaa! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Friends and family, lendeth me thine ears.  It be-eth time to hear the words that I shall speak unto thee.

Wow, sorry I had to get some of the dumb missionary humor off of my chest.  See, as missionaries that kind of stuff is funny ;)  What is goin' on my hard rockin' amigos?  Yes, I know that you are all thinking "Really dude, you think that people enjoy this stuff?"  My answer to all y'alls is,  No, but my mother demands it and well…..for fear of not getting  treats in the mail anymore, I do as she tells me.  Man, I sound like Milo right now.

I hope everyone back West is loving the winter as much as I am.  As a good friend of mine once said, "Jackets over shorts."  I think the Lord is watching out for the missionaries who wanna not get fat, by allowing it to stay slightly warm in the morning so that we are able to go out and run.  It's really weird because while I ran before my mission, I hated it.  But, since I have been out here, I am addicted to running.  We had transfers last week and I am happy to say that Elder Hafoka and I will be staying together for another six weeks!  Yeah doggy!  (Hillbilly accent must be used for that statement)  We have been working really hard finding people to teach and we have some really promising people on our plate.  We hope that they will accept the Lord's message to them.  Being a missionary is the hardest thing I have ever done but the most rewarding.  While some days are really hard, and you wanna head butt a tree, there are other days where you are so grateful that the Lord gave you the strength to endure all of those days so that you make it to the moment when he needs you the most.  There is not a better feeling than knowing that the Lord is working through you.

In Helaman 4, the scripture goes into the pride cycle and I learned something really profound from it today.  I learned that the source of all sin, not just a couple here and there, but every single sin in the world, is a result of pride.  It blew my mind.  I was completely shocked by the fact that one thing could be the source of every bad thing in the world.  Think about it, when we let even the smallest bit of pride sneak its way into our hearts, we begin to think we don't need rules or commandments.  As this dawned on me, I began to realize all of the foolish mistakes I had made throughout my life because I was prideful.  I really want that to change while I am here.  I hope I can come home a more humble person and a more obedient person to the Lord and his commandments.  I would always say, "Nah, I am strong enough.  I can handle it."  Only to find out that when I said that, I had lost the strength of the Lord, just like the Nephites.  I really hope that I come home a completely different person.  I also want everyone to know that I no longer want to be a UFC fighter.  I love the sport but it's not something Heavenly Father wants me to do.  In Alma 21:12 is says "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."

I love you all!  Peace and blessings, til next week!

Elder Rodeback