Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hey my Peeeeps!  Wass up, wass up????

It has been another glorious week here in the NJMM.  HOLLA ATCHA BOIIIII!!!  We had a whole lotta fun last week at the All Mission cOnFeReNcE!  We played some sweet games, did skits that were ridiculously hilarious.  Big props to my boy Elder Hernandez for putting down a zombie apocalypse missionary skit!  LOL! It was sweet!  Then we had the wonderful opportunity to hear from the Manhattan Temple President and man, did he share some pretty sweet stuff about the temple.  Elder Gittins and I went on exchanges!  (Yes, Elder Gittins and I have been reunited and we are lovin it!)  We were able to have a pretty productive day which ended with us throwing together a mission plan that we are hoping is going to change the missionary work in the Scotch Plains 2nd Ward forever.  We ran out of miles on our car last week so we had to go back to walking, and man did it feel GOOD!  I absolutely love the walking areas!  You have the opportunity to talk to so many people.  It is THE BEST!
Something I have learned in the last week is something super important.  My testimony was strengthened on when we put God and his will first, ALL things are possible.  I was reading in Alma 2 & 3 and man, they are some powerful scriptures.  In that section of Alma, it talks about Amlici and how he wanted to take away the liberty of the people and be a King like Noah or like Nehor.  So, he gathers up his followers and rebels against the Nephites and eventually it comes to a point where Alma and Amlici are fighting.  It gets to the point where Alma says something very profound, "Alma cried out, Lord have mercy on my soul that I may continue to be a tool in thy hands and preserve this people."  That is the part that really struck me.  He doesn't ask the Lord to save him so that he can do more of the things he wanted to do.  He asked the Lord to save him so that he could be a tool in the Lord's hands and serve his people.  He knew that if he had died that the people of Nephi would have fallen and would have been slain.  He wanted to live for their sake, not his own.  He truly sought God's will.  Our first and main priority should be to seek His will.  Not only that, but to improve our relationship with him.  Those two things should always take priority over anything.  I know and can promise EVERYONE that as we put these two things first, our entire lives will change DRASTICALLY!  As is says in Malachi 2 "Prove me now here with."  I DARE YOU TO PROVE ME WRONG!
I love you guys!  Keep it frosty out there!
Elder Rodeback

Please do your missionary work!  Do your hometeaching.  Go on team-ups with the Elders and Sisters ALOT!!!!  And invite them over for dinner with a non member or less active member!!!  PLEASE!!!!!

                                                     Elder Velazquez's Farewell (next to Elder Rodeback in the white shirt)
                                                             Saying good-bye to  Brother Edmond Nzapa-Yeke
                                                                        Saying good-bye to Sister Sartore
                                                                              Manhattan Temple Trip
                                                           Burning the countdown calendar my mom sent - 1 YEAR!
                                                                                        All Mission Conference

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