Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013


It has been another glorious week here in the Dirty Jerz and man it has been straight up WET!  It rains almost every day.  It has been so crazy!  I wouldn't be surprised if we are hit again with another hurricane.  Elder Corbridge and I have been working hard together, trying to be the best missionaries we can.  We have this investigator named Brother Loyo who we have been trying to get baptized.  It has been a process!  HaHa! He is awesome and knows everything is true, he just won't come to church!  We had an awesome experience while on exchanges last week where we found a man that had been taught by missionaries for TWO AND A HALF YEARS!  Is that ridiculous or what?????  He lives with his daughter here in Scotch Plains now and he is amazing.  We taught him about baptism and he was very reluctant at first but by the end of the lesson he committed to get baptized.  He is one of the prepared.  All I can say is, "I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!"  The biggest way that missionary work has helped me is that I am learning to internalize the doctrines and they are becoming a part of who I am.  It is amazing what the Book of Mormon can do!  The Book of Mormon is the key to EVERYTHING!  If the Book is not true, then every single thing that we believe is wrong.  If it is true, then God the Father and Jesus Christ really did show themselves to Joseph Smith.  I honestly cannot describe the love that I have for the Book of Mormon.  READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY!!!  Give it five minutes and it will give you happiness all day!  That's all I have time for today guys.  Sorry I missed last week.  TOO MUCH stuff going on.  Also, SISTER TAYLOR JEFFERY, if you are reading this blog, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MISSION CALL!!!!!!!  WHOOP WHOOP HOLLLLLLA!!!!  You are gonna rock the house down in Mexico!

Love you guys!
Elder Rodeback

Here is a study pattern to use when you read the Book of Mormon.  It rocks!
Pray, Read, Write, Pray, Read, Write, Pray
Pray about a question or something you want to know
Read in the Scriptures
Write down impressions and things that stick out to you
Pray and confirm what you have been taught is true, and thank God for it
Read some more
Write some more
Pray and confirm some more

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