Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 21, 2013

Friends, Family.......SUPPPPPPPP?

It has been a straight up glorious week out here!  Every time people ask me what it is like to be a missionary, I tell them, "It is the best thing in the ENTIRE world and I would not trade this experience for ANYTHING!"  Amazingly, it is transfers again and AGAIN, I am being transferred!  I swear that I just got to Scotch Plains and I am now leaving.  I don't know where I am going yet, but I will find out soon!  I received a call from President Jeppson last night and I have been called as a Zone Leader!
We had some awesome things happen and I know that it was all based on the Lord.  If you pray for miracles, miracles will come.  Just look for them.  We have to look for the answers to our prayers.  We can't just sit on our rear and expect God to send us some random blessing because we are lazy and don't do anything.
I wanna just bear my testimony on how the Lord provides a way for ALL THINGS.  Christ said, "if ye will have faith in me, ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."  If we have faith in Christ we can overcome the world.  I know that to be true.  I know that by going out and doing, we receive miracles.  We are blessed with power. My mom suggested that I watch a video on lds.org today called "Endure with Faith".  I can't even tell you how much that strengthened my testimony.  It also made me cry a little bit, but my pride will just say it was allergies. ;)   Brother and Sister Ricker, you are a perfect example of courage and faith.
Every day, we are at war.  Every single day, we enter the war zone.  WE NEED TO GET UP AND FIGHT EVERYDAY.  When your feet hit the floor, Satan had better be screaming in misery because he knows that you are up and he isn't going to win!  I know that with God on our side we can do all things!  Let's do this!

Love you,
Elder Rodeback

Also, every one get on the Bible videos on LDS.org and watch the "Peter and John Continue Preaching" and look at the way Peter reacts throughout the video.  Peter is my hero and I want to be able to bear witness of Christ just like he does.  He knew it was war and he FOUGHT!  Back up, or get in!!!

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