Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013


It's been a pretty boss week here, and crazily enough it's the end of another transfer and I am staying in North Newark for another one!  (in reality I am staying for the rest of my mission)  This one is gonna be super short because I procrastinated a little too much.  FIRST AND FOREMOST, everyone do me a favor and tell my mom how amazing she is. :)  She is such a boss!  Whenever I tell her I need something, she just gets it done and I can't tell her how much it means to me so I need EVERYONE to get on Facebook or when you talk to her, just tell her how amazing she is and how good of a mom she is.  I hope there is more than ten people that read this so that she is just overrun with comments.  I gotta throw a big shout out to Max Biegel who is THE BOSS!  I know that you are gonna be stellar.  I got your letter and it made my day!  One more goes out to my cousin Austin Huff who received his call to Tucson Arizona!  WHOOP WHOOP!  Shred it buddy!  The Lord is hastening his work.  Elder Thatcher and I see evidence of that every single day.  We get up and go pound pavement and then a miracle happens.  It's amazing!  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Lord and be a part of the "Gathering of Isread."  It Changes my life every day.  Every time I see someone accept the Gospel and become a new person in Christ, it ingrains His Gospel even deeper into my soul.  I love you guys and again, I apologize for the short update!

Elder Rodeback

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