Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

It's been a while, what's it been like 6 or 7 days?  How's it?  Hope everybody on the west side is livin' the dream, Rockin' hard!

It's been a glorious week hangin' with Snooki and Pauly D!  PSYCH!  But really, it's been an awesome week and what better way to end it than by hearing the words of our beloved Prophet.  Elder Thatcher and I get along amazingly!  Almost as well as my man smashing, Tongan brother and I did. Elder Hafoka is a boss!  Big props and shout outs to my Tongan Bro!  We had a killer week.  We weren't able to teach Jeremiah last week, but God blessed us to be able to find a family that is willing to hear the Gospel.  We had a power house Zone Meeting last week, which resulted in an amazing kick-off to consecration month.  I love the opportunities that I have been given to turn my will over, and completely trust in God.  I have found a renewed focus, if you will, just because of consecration month.  So, the lesson I learned over the past almost a year (holy cow) is that of, love for God.  Every lesson, every hard time I have had, all results return to how much I love God.  Every time I have an instance like that, the love I have for Him grows.  I have learned that, with a love for God comes a desire to give up the things that keep us from Him.  Even though I am not the best at giving things up, I will say that the things I have given up since I have been out here, have truly changed my entire life.  By giving our will to God, we are able to focus on the things that actually matter!  Like the Gospel!  It is much more important than the dumb things I used to focus on.  I learned today, in the Book of Mormon, that faith and love are in perfect harmony with one another.  So, if we love God, we will give "things" up in faith and leave the rest to God.  I learned that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, because of the perfect patience they have will all of us, will never, EVER lose faith in us.  I know that every time we slip up, they are waiting right there to catch us and throw us back on our feet.  Have faith in your Father in Heaven and in his Son and ALL things are possible.  They will NEVER let you down!

Love you guys!
Elder Rodeback

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