Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

How yo doin?  Can I get one a dem hawt dogs?
What's going on guys?  Been another glorious week out here in the NJMM.  Elder Stimpson and I power housed last week!  Because of the faith that was shown, the Lord blessed us with, what our district calls, "the miracle woman."  She is a boss!  Her name is Quilvania and she is like 25 and is a single mom.  We got her as a media referral and we went and taught her.  We didn't even have to commit her to read the Book of Mormon.  Turns out she has been reading it EVERY DAY for a couple of weeks and she already knows that it is true!  I am so eternally grateful that the Lord found a measly, mediocre missionary such as myself to teach her.  I am so gratefule to be so close to the Spirit as a missionary and feeling of his love.   

Elder Rodeback & Elder Stimpson
Instead of ranting on about faith and humility, I want to unleash some crazy apologies in this email.
Caitlyn Irogyen.  We haven't been able to speak in a long time.  I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I really want to apologize for two things.  One, for not being as good of a cousin as I should have been.  Two, for not ever once, sharing the message of Jesus Christ with you.  I hope that we can hang out once I am home!  I am truly sorry for bein' such a weenie.  Hope all is well.
Kyson Lunt. Man, it has been a long while since we have talked and I really wanted to apologize for not being a better example to you my friend. I often thought how lame it would be to bear my testimony to you, you are already a member, why should I? In reality, I was being selfish and not truly striving to help you and I am so sorry my friend. I am sorry we didn't hang out as much before I left and I am sorry I didn't keep in as much contact. I hope that life is treatin you well.
Since I have been out here, I have learned what it means to sincerely repent.  Not only does it mean that we make amends with God, but we also have to make amends with the people we have done wrong. 
I also need to say sorry to Shannon!  I am so sorry I haven't sent your letter yet!  Last week was crazy!  I promise it will get sent today!
Well that's it for me this week.  Hope yalls have a good week
Love ya all!
Elder Patrick Rodeback

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