Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Man, I didn't know how cushy I had it at home until last week.  I never had to worry about food in the pantry or running outta toilet paper.  I didn't even worry about it until last Friday, when we.....ran out of toilet paper.  :(
Hey guys, another glorious week out here in the dirty Jerz!  One of my uncles requested that I write about the things I am doing and what I am learning.  I already unravel all the stuff I learn during the week, but I have not been writing about what I do.  How lame of me!  This week was nuts!  We had exchanges with the District Leader last week and I was able to go with a long time buddy of mine Elder Pires (pee-dees).  We had a killer day.  We found a new investigator and the Lord just unraveled some tender mercies for us.  It rained like three times last week.  Being in a walking area means that I was outside in it ALL DAY and I loved it!  I love being able to go out and show God that I love him.  Actions speak louder than words, even to God.  Quilvania has a date to be baptized on the 3rd and we are so excited for her to get baptized.  It's another one of those times where I am just like, "man, I did nothing."  We seriously just go in and teach the lesson that Heavenly Father prepared us to teach, and BAM, she just accepts it.  We taught her the word of wisdom last week and she had a problem with ice tea.  After the lesson that night, she prayed and then dumped out an entire gallon and a half jug that she had made.  She also dumped out the whole container of mix that she just bought.  This whole thing touches my heart because she literally has nothing right now.  She has no furniture, nothing and yet she had enough faith in Heavenly Father and enough faith that he would bless her if she did.  The whole thing cost her like $15.  It's not alot for us, but it's $15 she could have used to buy food for her son.  I am so grateful that she is gaining a testimony of her loving Savior.  I also know that it is because I am doing my part.  I have thought alot the past few weeks and more and more it is apparent to me that the key to success as a missionary and to life, is OBEDIENCE.  When we are obedient to the commandments, we have the Spirit with us.  When the Spirit is with us God teaches his children directly.  When we are obedient we then are able to be mere vessels for the Spirit to pass through to touch these people.  We should never, ever walk away from a lesson and say. "Man, I taught so well."  It is always important to remember something my MTC teacher taught us.  "If the people don't accept our message, they are not going to hell.  We are not that important."  Which is why it is not only our duty and obligation, but it NEEDS TO BE our focus, to be EXACTLY OBEDIENT.  If you strive to have the Spirit with you 100% of the time, you will never have to question if that person was converted to the Gospel.  Often times missionaries live beneath their potential.  Even members of the church live beneath their potential.  If we go about life expecting miracles, Heavenly Father will provide miracles as long as we are living worthy to receive them.  I know that God lives.  I also know that He loves his children and because he does, He blesses us with miracles every day.  Look for them!  Live for them!  If you do those two things, He has promised to give them to you.  In Malachi 3:10 Heavenly Father says, "Prove me now here with."  He is callin' all of you out!
I love you guys!  Hope everybody has an awesome week!

Elder Patrick Rodeback

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