Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013

Well, Supp?

Haha Hey again!  Hope all y'all been doin' boss!  Man this week has been filled with amazing experiences!  We had interviews with President Jeppson last Thursday and guess what?  WE RAN OUTTA MILES ON OUR CAR!  So, we hopped on our bikes and rode 8 miles to the church.  Man it was such a fun ride!  We then cruised home and because of Halloween we hung around the apartment.  (President said that we had to be in by 6 the night before Halloween as well as the night of Halloween)  Then Sunday rolled around and was just the icing on the cake!  I love Fast and Testimony Sunday!
I have learned so much on my mission but lately I have felt as though I have plateaued and I hate that feeling.  I hate it when I feel like I am not becoming better.  I really don't like that "stand still" where nothing is changing.  I have been praying for a couple of weeks now, for a way to be able to bust into the next phase of my mission and really make my testimony EXPLODE!  We were at a meeting last week and one of the AP's talked about a talk that he called the "Purification Talk."  He said that it changed his view of everything and I knew that was the answer to my prayers.  I read it again this morning and I cannot even explain how excited I am to come even closer to God and to feel more fully, Him in my life.  I am working hard to remove all of the distractions so that I can focus entirely on this last 7 months of my mission.  WOW!  Did I just say 7 months!

I love ya'll!  Take Care
Elder Rodeback

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