Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013

Imma Smack You!

Haha, How's is going everybody?  Hope y'all be enjoyin' November!  Cuz, we ARE!  Elder Vellinga and I have been havin' a blast!  It snowed yesterday!  Did any of it stick? No ma'am but it was nice to see it again!  We had one of the most ridiculous days yesterday, which ended with Elder Vellinga and I having to switch apartments with one of the Sister companionships.....it was nuts and we drove 112 miles yesterday....yup, WE ARE HOSED on mileage!  Anyway, Elder Vellinga and I had the boss opportunity to go to the temple with Tyler on Saturday.  Man that was the BOMB!  We had a blast!  The feeling of the Spirit was overpowering.  It was the most powerful experience in the world.  His parents talked us into eating a Sumo Burger at Nick's in Manhattan.  That stinker weighed a pound and it was awesome!  It provided all of the protein I will need for the next three days, so that was awesome.
The huge fiasco from yesterday has just left my brain fried so I will send a better update on Monday....it's only five days away, right?

Love y'all, take care!
Elder Rodeback

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