Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013 - In NEWARK!

Well my friends another week,  another letter and a bit of bad news.  First off, Malo mau tau he pongipongini.  That is Tongan for good morning.  I am really sad to say that I was transferred last week.  I left my favorite companion and my favorite area in my mission.  I am now in the North Newark walking area.  JACKPOT!  Walkin' the streets of Newark, day in and day out haha!  I am super bummed to have left.  Elder Hafoka is like my best friend out here and he literally changed my mission.  I was able to say goodbye to Brother Sinigaglia.  I was supremely bummed.  I laid in bed that night and was just heart broken.  I do know that Heavenly Father has a work for me here in North Newark, so let's get it done.

This week there is two things that I really want to talk about.  The power of prayer and the power of faith.  I had a very eye opening realization with prayers this week.  It hit me like a ton of bricks and you are all going to think I'm dumb for saying this, but EVERY PRAYER IS HEARD!  When I realized this, it about knocked me down.  Every single prayer we have said, from the time we can talk til the day that we die, is heard.  On top of that EVERY PRAYER IS ANSWERED.  Sometimes, unfortunately, the answer is no or not what we want.  Why?  Because  "Your thoughts are not my thoughts.  Even as the heavens are higher than the earth.  My thoughts are higher than your thoughts."  The answer is, because Heavenly Father knows best.  If we go forth in faith in all things, then the lord will provide and protect.  No matter what happens, the Lord will prevail and will put you through the same trial til you come out on top, because that is what he wants for us.  In Romans 8:35-39 it shows the love of God for his children.  I found this the other day and that is when it all hit me that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always there.  We are the one that leave them.  We lose faith and we stop praying.  They don't force anything on us, BUT if we ask them if it is right, it will be given to us.
Well, I have blabbed on long enough.  I love you guys!!!!  My new address is:

Elder Patrick Rodeback
41 Halleck
Newark, NJ  07104

Also, shouts for Haley, Paige and Kimbo slice, for getting married!  Yeeeeeehaaaaa! 

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