Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Man, this past week was nuts!
What's going on my friends?  It has been a crazy couple of weeks and it's just leading into another crazy week.  There are so many great things goin on here in Tom's River.  Elder Walker and I have a blast!  The Zone had the opportunity to go up to the Manhattan Temple and that was so awesome!  To be able to be rejuvenated by the Spirit of God was the greatest thing in the world.  We actually got permission to borrow the mission van (a big ten seater poliga-bus) and cruise up to Manhattan.  We fit almost the entire Zone in that monster!  It was so much fun to be able to go up as a zone and talk and goof around a little in the bus!  Other than that, there is a whole lot of work going on here in the area.  We have been able to see so many amazing miracles that just reaffirm that God loves his children.  God is our Father.  We are His children.  It's a two-way relationship.  I unfortunately, only have half of a "P" day once again.  Due to a fireside practice that is two hours away.  :) 

I love y'all, keep it fresh out there!
Elder Rodeback

                                  Pictures are from last Christmas (2012)  I'll replace them when I get new ones.

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