Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hey!  How we doin' ?
First off, MY ADDRESS IS NOT IN GARWOOD!  Man, mom you are getting worse than Grandma!  I have received two letters from her and a package at my address in Hightstown!  I am so stoked to be with Elder Vellinga!  We are super similar, both metal heads, both love anything involving a board and most important, both love our mission!  By the way, this is the update that I haven't sent in almost two weeks!  I AM SORRY!  We have been working our tails off and well, I am sorry for not having any excuses.  I am a horrible person, please forgive me.....Man, I love this part of Jersey.  It is so green and covered in trees!  Get this, I can actually hear crickets!  That hasn't been the case in a really long time.  For those of you who need my address, it is 118 Spring Crest Drive, Hightstown, NJ  08520.
The biggest thing that I have been learning the past couple of weeks is the importance of love.  It blows me away at how everything can change just by simply loving someone.  Let's hop into the scriptures a little bit. :)  In Matthew 16: 21-28 this is where Peter says that Jesus won't die and Jesus kind of rips on him.  I don't think he did it because he hated him, I think he did it because he loved Peter.  He looks at him and says,"if you lose your life for me, you will find it."  Christ also says, "Neither has the Son of man came into the world to be ministered unto, but to minister."  Christ didn't come so that people would love him and worship him.  He came into the world to minister, to teach.  He loved all of us so much that He gave up  his learning experience here on earth so that EVERY SINGLE one of God's children could return to their home.  I know that God loves every single soul in the entire world.  Some of the worst men and women in the world are still loved by Christ and by God.  He wants them back too!  I love you guys and I wanna say that God loves all of you as well.  Always remember that you have a Heavenly Father who will ALWAYS be there for you.  If there is something keeping you from feeling that love, FIX IT!  Get over it and FIX IT!  I love you guys, keep pushin and LIVIN the DREAM!
Elder Rodeback

                                                              Elder Hernandez's last day in New Jersey!

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