Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

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Sup my friends!

First things first, I LOVE YOU GUYS! :)  It has been a great week out here, filled with meetings and training!  I apologize in advance because my mom wrote me a letter with some questions she wanted answered and I left the letter at home.  So, I have no idea what her questions were.  Jersey is the place to be, I will say that much!  Especially Princeton 2nd Ward.  It is the BEST!  Elder Vellinga and I are loving the area and workin' our tails off.  There is just so much going on out here, it blows my mind.....not kidding, my brain is fried right now.  We have some great members out here and actually some of them are from Utah and to get even more specific, Alpine/Highland/Cedar Hills.  It is really the weirdest thing in the world.  I am just rambling right now haha, I am just mentally EXHAUSTED!
One of the biggest things that has stuck out to me the past little while is how important it is that we not be afraid of what we believe.  It was a huge lesson I learned up in Newark and it just continues to stick out everyday.  We had stake conference yesterday and we had the opportunity to hear President Jeppson (our mission president) speak.  Man, did he SPEAK!  He just threw down about missionary work and it was great.  He talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ and how no other church was correct.  Funny thing, an investigator that dropped us a couple of weeks ago because he had a struggle with coffee was at stake conference.  President Jeppson just threw down on how if you don't do what Christ commands us, you CANNOT enter the kingdom of Heaven.  Our investigator walked up to us after and said, "That guy has some fire and brimstone in him!"  We looked at him and said, "Yes he does my friend."  Boldness is the best way to go, PERIOD!  Just being honest with people would end so much turmoil in this world.
Well, I have gone on with my bad grammar and punctuation long enough......Check out some pictures.

Love you guys!
Elder Rodeback

                                                                      Our new pet!

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