Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013 - TRANSFERRED!

Bon Dia!  (Bone-JEE-UH)  todo bein voce? (toodoo-bane voe-se)

WASS UP????  It has been a glorious week out here in North Newark and I am SAD to say, it will be my last week here in North Newark.  That's right, I have been transferred once again.  NOOOOOOOO!  I am super bummed to be heading out, but excited to be headin' to a new place to be able to learn and grow some more.  We had an awesome week last week.  We worked our tails off and got some work done!  Had a lot of less actives at church yesterday.  Also, Elder Thatcher will be follow-up training Elder McEwan.  He is super stoked and I am excited for him.  We continue to try and see Sister Estevez, but to no avail. Hopefully we can find her soon.
I learned some really cool stuff this week.  I had a really awesome experience yesterday that strengthened my testimony of prayer.  I was really down yesterday.  I have known for a little while that I would be leaving this transfer and it finally hit me yesterday.  All day I had been saying a prayer that some how, some way, I could stay and be comforted.  At about six o'clock yesterday, I had just finished saying one of these little prayers in my mind and all of the sudden a song popped into my mind.  It's a song from "The Works" and the lyrics go, "Children go where I send thee."  Right then I knew it was from Heavenly Father.  I knew that He was aware of me and even though I want to stay with every ounce of my heart, this time is not about me.  I realized that God has a place prepared for me.  He has a way for me to go that I need to follow and it's up to me to do that.  I know that will all of my heart, He hears and loves us.  He wants what is best for us, and like that country song goes, "sometimes the answer is no."

Love you all!
Elder Rodeback

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