Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013 Update & PICTURES!!!!!

Hermanos y Hermanas......buenas DIAZ y feliz dia de mama.

Yo soy bueno y mi compeneros es MUY Bien!  el trabaja en mi area es ......PSYCHE!
HaHa!  What's up guys!  It's been a ball this week here in Jersey.  I had to throw some Spanish your way to make sure y'alls are still alive and kickin!  We had the craziest week!  The funniest thing was that we were invited to Brother Canada, the hispanic guy in the picture I send home, for a bbq.  We get there and everything is awesome.  He showed us his massive dogs, speaking of which, I have a crazy story to tell you about the dogs.  Anyway, he tell sus that he has to go pick up his girlfriend and would be back in like 20 minutes.  He left 7 missionaries who speak no Spanish with a bunch of Hispanics!  The only Elders that spoke Spanish were Elder Hernandez and his companion Elder Diaz.  So, while we waited for him, this drunk as can be, Puerto Rican at the bbq walked up to us and started to show us magic tricks!  I kid you not!  There is nothing funnier than watching a drunk hispanic man do magic tricks!  We laughed for an hour watching this guy do his stuff.  When Brother Canada got back with his girlfriend, he introduced her to us and we all shook her hand, but on the very first shake, she goes in to kiss Elder Garcia (He is the Philippeano  in the picture).  We were all saying, "NONONONONONO!"  Man it was so funny!
Now, the story about those dogs.  Brother Canada's dad was walking the dogs one day and out of no where, this Pit Bull came through a gate and started charging Brother Canada's dogs.  These two dogs are HUGE!  One is a full bread Rottweiler and the other is a Rottweiler mix.  He takes them on a 5 mile run and only feeds them meat.  They are just big bricks of muscle.  When the Pit Bull charged at them the Rottweiler juped out and bit the Pit Bull on the mouth before it could bite anyone.  Then the Rottweiler mix clamped down on the Pit Bull's neck.  Brother Canada's dad grabbed the dogs and threw them against the fence.  Because the dogs are super obedient, they didn't move.
Well, now my less that I learned this week that has changed me.  The monthly focus here in the NJMM is prayer.  I have been studying and working with that.  In Gospel Principles class yesterday, a man asked this question, "How can I grow my relationship with God when I don't have time?"  The first thing that popped into my mind was, "make time."  and as I pondered on that a little bit, I realized something really cool.  God can't just say POOF, here is a relationship with me.  If we want a relationship with anyone in the world what do we do?  We talk with them, we spend time with them!  It is the same thing with Heavenly Father.  If we want to have him with us and actually feel like he is our Heavenly Father, we need to treat him the same way we treat our earthly parents (unless you are disobedient and disrespectful.  If you treat God that way, you will get stuck with lightening)  Guys, you wanna feel Him with you?  You wanna feel his comfort?  Here is three easy steps to do so, 1) Go to church. 2) Pray. 3) Read your scriptures.  Each of which require you to give Him time.  Pray with sincerity and love.  Attend churc to take the sacrament worthily and Read, seeking His spirit.

I love you guys, keep up the good work!
Elder Rodeback

                                                    Elder Rodeback, Elder McEwan, Elder Thatcher & Elder Hernandez
                                                               Elder Pires & Elder Rodeback
                                                            Elder McEwan, Elder Thatcher, Brother Echavarria & Elder Rodeback
                                                            Elder Smith & Elder Rodeback

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