Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012 - News From the Hood!

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my Utah peeps!  Keepin everything slingin I hope :) Here's the weekly update from the thug side of Jersey! haha

 Today was my first "P" day out here.  It was awesome cuz I got to send my sweet, wonderful mother a letter and email.  Yeah I wrote her a letter AND email.  She is my Superhero! I gotta do all I can to keep in as close of contact as possible.  After "P" day finished at 6pm,  we went and met with Chrislie.  After meeting with her we decided it would be best to drop Chrislie.   She doesn't really care about the Gospel, she just liked the previous missionaries.

Today was the 24th!  Su Wahhh! HAHA!  Shockingly enough we heard fireworks! My mind was Blown! We had Zone Meeting today and it was killer.  I learned alot about the importance of investigators coming to church.  We went to tell Chrislie of our decision tonight,  but she juked us so it shall be done tomorrow.

Today was exchanges.  I learned why Heavenly Father wants me English not Spanish.  I would get SO fat! My mind was blown at the enormous amount of food they eat at every appointment.  I felt gross from all of the food I ate.  BLEH! We also had correlation meeting with Brother Autobot! (Attaban) We accomplished a lot in the meeting.  He is way cool, like straight outta the Phillipeans!   Back to exchanges.  We ate at a bar that one of the Spanish less actives works at, it was good!!! Then I had the pleasure to meet the crazy old lady. Unfortunately, I was so sick I fell asleep for an hour during that lesson.  Luckily she doesn't speak English so I couldn't have said anything anyway.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to get to know Elder Christiansen, he is really cool. I forgot to mention something about Sunday.  We were crossing the street at one of our investigators apt complex and this 4 year old boy named Sylva came up and grabbed my hand as we were walking!  He is such a cute kid!

Today was car fast. We taught a crazy awesome investigator from Belgium!  She is black and her name is Pierra.  She is super cool and is looking to do what is right. We got juked on all of our other appointments ……..LAME.

We woke up and played soccer as usual then we did service for the first time and it was so awesome!  I love doing service!  We, as an apartmentship, helped the same guy that they help every week.  We helped him cut down a tree and cut it up. It was so awesome!  I went to the doctor to find out what in the world I have been sick with.  Low and behold I have a sinus infection!  Welcome to Jersey Elder Rodeback!  Needless to say, I'm  not very thrilled about it.

I felt crazy sick today.  We met a sweet investigator named today named  Kevin, commited him to baptism! I'm so pumped!  He is such a solid guy!  And then got juked for the rest of our appointments.  It's ok though, we brought one man to Christ today and helped him find the way.

I gave my first talk in church and guess what?   It was about Family Home Evening which we weren't very good about at home.  I had to study alot!  Laventure was at church today and I'm thrilled because he now only has to come 2 more times before his date! We also met Mel.  He is legitimately  straight outta Compton.  He said that he sold cocaine on the corner and has shot people, stabbed people, pistol whipped people, and sadly killed people. He was way cool though because he really wants to turn his life around. He also served a 7 and a half year sentence in prison.

Welllp, that's it for this week!  I am sending pics to my mom this week so look for those!  Peace from the Hood!

Elder Rodeback

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