Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012 - The first Play-by-Play

HELLO Everyone!

It's my first week here in Jersey and its been krazy! A lot of ups and downs, but I know that the work the Lord has me doing here is more important than anything I could be doing anywhere else.  I guess I will just jump in to the play by play.

We got up at like 4:15 and showered and finished packing and hopped on the bus. It was a very strange experience knowing this would be the last day I would be seeing Utah for 2 years.  I wrote sister Davies a letter cuz she is one of the coolest people EVER! She helped me alot at the MTC. We are gonna be buds for a long time.  We did fear buster today too... I don't really wanna write about it so Momma will you just put up some of the stuff from the letter? We are staying at the mission home tonight! Sister Jeppson's cooking is almost as good as my momma's ALMOST!

Today was full of ups and downs. I would get waves of pumped out of my mind and then waves of I miss home.  We didn't find anyone and it rained today. blehh its nice though cuz it stays warm when it rains. We went and saw some of the investigators that the previous elders left and none of them brought anything.  We did set a return appointment for Chrislie and one for Charles so thats good.  Hope tomorrow is better.

Today was the same as yesterday.  We got a baptism date set for Chrislie though and Charles so if they are both at church Sunday then them can get baptized on August the 5th.

Today was good and I am beginning to like it more and more. I'm in the ghetto and at points things get sketchy.  Today was our car fast so we walked everywhere... we were walking down the street and had some solid contacts. Although I still miss the family and friends like crazy, its getting easier..:) we met with Charles and Chrislie again today with Brother Clark who is on the High Council and he is just like Darin Peper, that really made me smile! We also stopped by Carline's house, she is a new investigator through someone in the ward! She seems solid.

Today was killa tight! We taught some crazy investigators in the rain (its been rainning for two days.) But we met Anna Marie who is Jehova Witness and she is really interested in the Gospel. She has a lot of questions and I am super pumped to teach her again on Sunday! Luckily we have the car today!

Killed me. It was very very discouraging. We taught 2 solid lessons and that was it. It rainned all day today too. We did find a new investigator though his name is Herman!

Church was cool! It was nice to be at a semi normal Sacrament Meeting. Our branch is small with a lot of inactives so my companion Elder Heward, and I both had a solid prompting that in order to leave the branch better than it was,gotta concentrate on reactivating first. Both Chrislie and Charles bailed on church so we had to push back baptism apparently this isnt the first time and it makes me sad. We had a super solid lesson with Herman though I'm super pumped!
 Well, there is the play by play! Hope you enjoyed it PEACE!
Elder Rodeback!

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