Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

What's up, people from outta the hood! HaHa!  Life out here is killa tight!  I'm really beginning to adapt... yeah!  So we were so rushed that I totally forgot my journal when we left the apartment today so this letter is gonna be a brief recollection of what happened in the past week.

Today was "P" day. It was a good day, nowhere near as rushed as the first "P" day. We went to da library and did email and honestly, something I will never EVER get sick of, is hearing from my momma. It makes my day every time! Getting letters is even better! We then went shopping and then you guessed it. TRANSFORMER HUNTING! We went to Walmart,  Kmart, and Target and to my dismay they had absolutely NO GOOD TRANSFORMERS!  Not one Starscream, or Optimus or Jet
Fire or Mega Tron, nothing.  I was so disappointed!
We then went and taught a killer lesson to Laventure.
So because I forgot my journal everything else blends together,  so today I decided to do it a little different. What I'm gonna do is write down our investigators and the lessons we had and then at the end say some funny stuff that happend.

He is such a stud! He is 13 and absorbs everything we teach him and his dad is completely on board with him being baptized. To my excitement he axed( thats how people out her say asked) me to be the person that baptizes him! Whooo! I'm so excited he really understands everything and as soon as he learns something he does everything he can to apply the teachings to his life. As soon as I get pictures at his baptism I will send them home. We played at the park with him and his cousins again and his little cousin Silva held my hand again, such a cute kid!

She juked our first appointment this week and the second one we set, she also juked.  But at the second one we taught her sister so all is good!

Kevin is a solid guy.  He is 23 and he really wants to know the gospel.  He came to church yesterday so he is on track for his baptism date of the August 26th.  whooop whooop!

Those are our three dates.  We had some sweet contacts and we are working hard and really striving to be 100% obedient and we are pretty good at it.

We had 4 investigators at church yesterday, 3 of which have dates and are progressing well! We also taught Pierra.  She is from Belguim and is 17, even though she looks 20!  She is super solid and really wants to know of the gospel and its teachings.  

Well I hope mom is posting pictures. Miss you all! keep it thug out th're haha peace from the hood!
Elder Rodeback!

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