Elder Rodeback

Elder Rodeback

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hey Guys!  It's been a minute!

I hope that my mom informed y'all that I got transferred to Jersey City.  WAHHOOOOO!!!  I love this place so much!  So many people are just willing to hear the Gospel and listen to us!  We had a baptism yesterday and it was SWEET!  Funny story...... The baptismal font wasn't filled up all the way so we started to fill buckets and run them from the kitchen to the font.  Well, I goofed....I spilled on my suit pants hahahah!  It was so funny all I could do was laugh :)  The baptism was awesome though!  It wasn't one of those baptisms that drag on for three hours.  It was all done in 30 minutes!  Sister Goode is awesome!  She was just so prepared and accepting of everything and she is also pregnant and still wanted to be baptized!  
We were cruising down the street last night and Elder Marchant said, "Hey, there is the Empire State Building!"  What?????  was the only thing that could escape my mouth!  Also, The Statue of Liberty is in my area right now!  Ahhhhh, I just love it here so much!!!!!
I love y'all dearly!  Keep missionary work in your daily prayers

Elder Rodeback

Cold in New Jersey!

 Check out the drawing on the top!  He still likes to draw!

Newest member of the Church in Jersey City!

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